First furniture purchase as a married couple!

This weekend we decided to look for a couch. Bradley’s mom was so wonderful to give us one of her old loveseats to have something to sit on, but we have always wanted a little more sitting room so that we could have more friends over. We found a very cute caramel colored sofa at a furniture consignment shop here in Woodstock, that they said is only a year old. Its in great condition, so we went for it. It’s kind of exciting because everyone always remembers the first thing you bought as a married couple (ex: “remember that awful burnt orange chair we bought, we thought it was so beautiful back then, its still down in the basement. What an eyesore.”) Or something like that.

We had to do some tricky manuvering to get both the loveseat and couch in the living room, and again thanks to Kathy, we were able to store a barely used desk and two chairs in her basement, to make more room for our new layout. One of these days, our parents’ homes will stop being storage facilities and we can take all our stuff with us.

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