New (to us) Pub Table

When Bradley and I moved into our current apartment a year ago, we thought, ” we will only be here for a year, we can do without a dining table for a year.” This is because what is considered our “dining area” is actually just the small open space connecting the den, kitchen, and bathroom. Well, now that we have decided to stay another year, we are ready to actually be able to have folks over for dinner.  I have been scouring Craigslist everyday to find a good deal on a small table for the next year. After one disappointing try, we found a great bar height table in dark espresso-colored wood (matches our other furniture) and a stainless steel top, which is something we had never seen before but liked the clean modern look of it.

We were able to go and look at it last night, and we ended up bringing it home with us! It is small, but has four chairs, so we can have a couple of friends over!

Luckily, we made almost enough money at the yard sale we had on Saturday to cover the cost of the table. Overall, it has been a pretty successful weekend!

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