My first high school reunion

Yea!  It is finally over.  I have been heading up the planning of my first class reunion for the last 6 months and it has been so stressful!  We held a dinner/ dance at a local restaurant in my hometown of Carrollton.  It is really like planning a wedding, except that you are trying not to spend any of your own money. Unfortunately, that did not work out so well.

I graduated in a class of 225 and we were hoping to have about 150 people show up (including dates).  We wanted to make it nice enough and memorable enough that people would want to come back to the next one.  Well, we got in over our heads, and since only about 50 people (including dates) showed up, the reunion committee is on the hook for about $1500.  Ahhhh!  With finding out that we owe taxes this year, and trying to look for a house, we did not need this!

The reunion went really well for having so few people attend though.  But I know now that I am not a planner and therefore will not be a part of future reunions.  I wish whoever is the best of luck, but I just can’t keep putting myself out like that.  Fortunately, we are putting together a reunion memory book/ directory that will include ads from local businesses and hopefully that can help recoup some of our costs. Wish us luck!!

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