How do you fill a whole house when you only have enough furniture to fill a one-bedroom apartment?  With Craigslist, that’s how.  From the measurements that we took of our new house, we found that the love seat we got from Bradley’s parents house is not going to work.  So we are giving it to his brother, and we found 4 club chairs that originally came from an office on Craigslist for $35 each.  We will be able to keep two in the living room permanently, and bring the other two from upstairs when we have large groups of company over.  I worked on cleaning them up last weekend, and I think they will be pretty spiffy.

We also have a formal dining room in the new house, so we were able to find a dining table with 6 chairs on Craigslist.  It is a dark-stained teak set that expands to be 60 x 60″, perfect for an almost square dining room!  Our only wish is for 2 more chairs, but as of yet, we have not found anything close enough to the other 6.  Unfortunately, because the table is a square, each side will have 2 chairs on it, and therefore we can not throw in two obviously mismatched chairs like we could on the ends of a long rectangular table.  Oh well, we will figure something out.  But I just love it and can’t wait to have our small group over for dinner.

We do have a breakfast area between the kitchen and the living room, but after measurements, we found that our pub table will also not fit.  So onto Craigslist it goes!  We really liked that table, but it is just too tight.  Luckily, there is a bar in the kitchen, so we just need to get two bar stools for it and we can have our “breakfast seating.”  Other than that, we have all the furniture we need for the new house.  Surprising, since we have been living in a one bedroom apartment for two years!  But my parents and Bradley’s parents have been so wonderful to store everything we could not use up until now. Update:  The breakfast table has sold!  And the love seat has found a new home at BIL’s house.  We are well on our way!

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