The countdown to one year…

A week from today will mark the one year anniversary of us moving into our first home.  I thought it would be fun to do a countdown in which I show all the changes we have made over the past year.

Day 7: The Living Room


Our living room started out the same color as the kitchen and common areas of the house.  It had very country shelves and curtain rods that had to come down.  My mom painted the room and carried the mocha color (Corral Fence by Glidden) into the kitchen similar what I had seen in a fellow nestee’s profile.  I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  With so many windows in the space, I felt it was okay to paint it a darker color.  We were able to use two bookcases that Bradley had left at his parents’ house to flank either side of the television.  He was very handy and cut down and painted two floating shelves we got at Ikea to perfectly fit between the bookcases over the television.  Custom on a budget.


We decided on a fun green (my favorite color) as our accent color.  We bought green window panels at Target, and a few green accessories to go on the bookcases. Our favorite purchase has been the two pictures we got at Ikea to fill in the big wall that is straight in front of you when looking into the living room. Also, after Christmas we found remotes for our table lamps on clearance at Linens n Things.  No more stumbling in the dark to find and turn on the lamps!  I have added a couple more plants around the room, and Bradley painted the base of my fish tank a chocolate brown to match our other furniture.  Over all I have been very pleased with the way our living room has turned out!

Wish List:  We would love to replace the back door and window with french doors.  It would help with the flow out to the back yard, because the way the door opens messes with what you can do with the bar in the kitchen.  We would also like to carry the laminate wood floors into the living room.

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