Bye bye Crape-myrtle!

A few weekends ago this is what we were working on.  After Bradley’s truck was ransacked one evening in our driveway, I decided it was time to beef up the security around the house.  There is a flood light right in front of his truck on the corner of the garage, but it did not have a sensor on it.

We picked out a new one at Home Depot, but then there was the problem of having a crape-myrtle right in front of it, blocking the sensor.

The builders/ previous homeowners obviously had no long term vision when they began planting things.  The worst offender is the gigantic pear tree that actually touches the front of our house. Yikes!  It will be coming down in a few weeks and we will be planting a new tree further down in the yard.

But I digress.  There was a crape-myrtle planted right on the corner of the garage and the limbs were always drooping over the driveway and walkway to the backyard.  Watch your head!  Plus, they were getting in the gutters too…eeecckkk…  And now, it was blocking the sensor on the new flood light.   So it had to go!

We borrowed some tools from Bradley’s dad and set to work one Saturday morning.  I would scrap dirt away to expose roots and Bradley would cut them with an ax.  Finally, we were able to get the pick ax and my turning fork on either side and rock that baby out of the ground.

Now we need to find something new to plant there that won’t get over 5′ tall.  Someone at Pike’s will know what to do!

P.S.  I was able to re-home the irises that were around the base of the crape-myrtle through Freecycle. The new owner said they seemed like happy, healthy plants.

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