Yesterday, Bradley and his dad spent all day cutting down and hauling off a huge Bradford Pear that was right against the front of the house and two Crape-myrtles that were touching the back of the house and hanging over into the neighbors yard.  It is kind of bittersweet, because I liked the shade of the pear tree, but because of their reputation for splitting, we were worried every time a storm came through that it would either take out the house or the cars.  Whoever put these trees in when the house was built had no long-term vision whatsoever.  Bradford Pears get big dude…think about it.

We will be picking out a new tree to plant further down in the front yard this fall, and it will not be a Bradford Pear!  We will also have to reconfigure the shrubbery bed that the Pear tree came out of and plant some new shrubs this fall.  It is very weird being able to all of a sudden see the entire front of our house.  Now we can breath a little easier when the next storm rolls through!

Bradley posted a time lapse video of the tree removal if you are interested!

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