Vacation in Review, Part 2

Our only stop on our cruise was Nassau.  We also stopped here on our honeymoon, but only did a little shopping that time.  We wanted to experience a little more this time, so we did a some research before the trip this time.  I found that they have a pirates museum, so that was our first stop.  It gives some interesting information, but really wasn’t all that special.

Then of course as soon as I learned they have a zoo there, we had to put that on the list.  We were not sure how far it was from the port, so we decided to find it on foot…probably a bad idea.  It was far enough away that we should have hopped a cab.  But either way it was totally worth it.  As soon as you enter the zoo, you can tell it is not an American zoo, where everything is set way back from the trails to protect the animals and the visitors.  The cages are right on the paths…if you were dumb enough, you could reach out and pet the jaguar.  Luckily, we are not that stupid.

They mostly had different types of birds, but there were also some small monkeys, meerkats, and some large cats.  They have a flock of trained flamingos that roam the zoo freely, which was definitely cool.  They have a flamingo show where the birds parade around a ring on command, and then a selected few in the audience can go into the ring to have their pictures taken with the birds.

The highlight of the trip though was feeding the Lory parrots.  Many of them have been born at the zoo, so they are used to the people.  We were allowed to go into a very large cage with the parrots and given small slices of apples.  With the apple held out high, the birds landed on our hands and ate as we oohhed and ahhhed!  It was also at the zoo that Bradley discovered a video feature on our camera, so there is a video of us feeding the birds on his blog.  (He worked his magic and edited it down and added music, so its a little better than your average home movie)

The trip was a truly fantastic way to spend our 3rd anniversary together!

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