Weekend Project: Reorganizing the Master Closet

I decided that since this past weekend was the last time we would have a free Saturday until the end of the year, it was time to quit putting off reorganizing our closet.  The original layout did not work well for our needs and left a lot of wasted space.  One whole half of the closet was designated for long hanging clothes, and I just don’t have too many things that require that (how many women do nowadays?)  Also, we had to keep our shoe rack in front of the light switch, no fun.

So we took down all of the shelving and painted the room a camel color.  Then we were able to reuse most of the shelving, only having to cut it down a little.  We only had to buy one 6′ shelf and a few extra brackets and anchors to accomplish the whole project.  Now, we each have a length of wall with double hanging shelving and I have a short length for long hanging items.  The shoe rack now sits against the end wall to the left as you walk in and no longer covers the light switch.  All I have left to do is hang a belt rack on the spare wall next to the light switch.

This project also gave me a chance to go through the things in the closet that I have been putting off, and deciding what needs to be put away for the next yard sale.  I am very happy with the way it turned out, and so is Bradley now that all the work is finished.  Once I get him over the hump of actually starting the project, he always comes around and sees that I was right all along!

Pictures are taken from doorway of closet from left to right:

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