Backyard Friends

I am a little weird in that I have always wanted squirrels in our yard, ’cause I think they are hilarious to watch.  We had never seen any, until now!  We have a new fuzzy little friend visiting our feeder:

He is actually a very considerate squirrel.  He doesn’t rattle the feeder around too much when he is getting in and out of it.  He also sits there and scoops the food up to his mouth and doesn’t throw it everywhere, so he isn’t being wasteful.  I think I will call him Monte.  Egggcellent.

Also, today as we were doing some yard work, I found this in our cable box on the side of the house!  Evidently birds will shimmy their way into anything that isn’t bolted down in order to make a nest.  There were no eggs, hatched or otherwise, so we just cleaned it out and I secured it closed to (hopefully) keep them from doing it again.

Lastly, Tooter has found a new favorite place to be.  We put him on the couch’s back pillow whenever we leave and he just lounges all day…

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