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I don’t know why, but I can never get settled with things around the house.  I am always coming up with new ideas about how to arrange things and where they should go.  This time my office is the casualty of the overactive design center in my brain.

I have decided that I really want a bed for guests.  My office is the bigger of our two extra bedrooms, so it was the logical choice.  The question was always, how can I have an office, a place to use the elliptical machine and a guest bed in one small room?  Well it hit me, the opening to the closet in my office is huge, so why not turn the closet into my “office?”  Apparently I am not the first to incorporate a ‘cloffice’ into my home.  Here are some great inspiration pictures I found:

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As for redesigning the room, I had to resort to my graph paper modeling skills again to gauge if I would be able to fit a bed, the elliptical and the Expedit bookshelf in the room.  It turned out that there was no way to leave a decent amount of clearance all the way around the bed without taking out the elliptical machine.  So it was either relocate the elliptical to the garage or place the bed with one side against the wall.  Since we don’t anticipate having many guests (except my mom occasionally), we decided to go with option 2.

Of course this means that the frame collage I worked so hard on doesn’t work anymore, and also the vinyl monogram and shelf I had over my desk no longer works either….sigh.  It’s worth it though, ’cause now I have the itch for a bed and it’s here to stay.

I played around with an online program and came up with a model to share:

Option A:

Option B: (don’t know if this layout would actually work, and it’s not Bradley’s favorite, but we’ll see once we have a bed)


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