Flower Hair Pins

To continue with my etsy love from yesterday, I thought I would share about another item I purchased from Etsy.  I had thought that since BIL’s wedding was outdoors, it would be cute to use these cool hand-crafted clay flower clips in my hair.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hair done since it was a Sunday wedding, so I ended up getting it cut to make it easier to style.  For that reason, I didn’t end up using the clips, but I thought I would share my experience all the same.

I found these cute little hydrangea flowers so you can use as few or as many as you have, whatever works best.  And they are small and unabtrusive so they don’t have to be the center of attention.  I ordered a set of four from FentonFlorals , and when they arrived, there were six in the package!  I emailed Sarah there, and she said she usually just throws in a couple extra as a thank you!  How great is that?

There are several artists on Etsy that create this special kind of light-weight clay flowers and arrangements and they are super cool.  (The only way I would ever have fake flowers in my house!  If you are looking for a unique gift or just something out of the ordinary for yourself, you have to check out Etsy!  (Bonus that you are supporting the artists directly too!)

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