Weekend Project: Laundry Room Vinyl Decal

I bought a cute vinyl decal from an etsy shop last August for the laundry room, but I was a slacker about getting it put up.  So a few months ago, when I went to try and apply it to the wall, it would not transfer from the backing to the front piece so that I could press it to the wall.

I emailed the vendor (littleloveletters) I had purchased it from about buying a new one and she just mailed me a new one for no charge!!  She said that the material that she had been using last year did not do well if you didn’t apply it right away, but that she had since changed to a different kind that works better.  It was so great of her to do that even though I was more than willing to just buy another one.

I got it in on Friday and Bradley helped me put it up on Saturday.  It cracks me up every time I pass it, and it fit perfectly on the left wall when you walk in.  I can’t say enough about the artists on Etsy.  Every experience I have had on there has been great!  They all really want to make their customers happy with the things they make.


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