Red Cushion Reveal

Now to reveal what those red cushions from my organized closet post are from… We finally broke down and bought the patio conversation set that we have been ‘visiting’ at Garden Ridge for months now.

I was really hoping we could hold out until the end of the season and get the set at a super good price, but they never carried more than two sets at the time, so they never deep-discounted them.  Garden Ridge is in the process of taking down the summer items and putting up Christmas items, so we knew it was now or never.  This has been by far our most favorite set we have ever sat in.

The chairs are wide with soft cushions, and they bounce a little.  And we really wanted ottomans (which BTW it is surprisingly hard to find sets with ottomans).  The only other times I have really seen the 2 chairs/ 2 ottomans sets has been at Georgia Backyard and the are EXPENSIVE!  We were at least able to get the set for $50 off (which is the cheapest we ever saw it in the months that we have been eyeing it).  So technically we didn’t pay full price!

Can I just say that I am in love with these chairs and am SO happy we went ahead and bought them before they were gone forever!  Bradley and I have been camping out in the chairs every evening that we have been home and it hasn’t been raining since we got them.  (Our house shades the patio in the evenings, so the temperatures have been really nice).

Of course, now I have the itch to tackle the giant hill in our back yard since the chairs look out over the weed-covered monstrosity.  Ugh…

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