Becky’s Chicken Salad

I have never liked any of the potato, tuna, macaroni, chicken, or egg salads, but at a recent bridesmaids’ luncheon I tried a not-too-creamy chicken salad that had apples and grapes in it.  It had a great sweetness to it and was SO good.  In my search for a comparable recipe, I came across this one.

Becky’s Chicken Salad Recipe

I changed up some things in this recipe, and I don’t know that you can mess it up!  I didn’t measure anything except the whipping cream.  I boiled 3 chicken breasts and just halved up a couple of handfuls of grapes.  Instead of celery, I used chopped up green apple (what looked to be a cup?).  Instead of almonds, I used (fewer) pecans.  And I also used a tip from the comments section on this recipe and mixed everything except the mayo first, then just added light mayo until it seemed like the right consistency.  (a common comment was that this recipe called for too much mayo)

Bradley is not at all excited about this recipe, since he doesn’t really do fruit, but I LOVE it!

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