Happy 4th Anniversary

Today, Bradley and I have been married for 4 years!  We are a perfect match and I love every minute of being married to him.  Traditionally, the fourth anniversary gift is flowers, works for me, not so much for him…

The modern fourth anniversary gift is appliances…still not a great option for him.  But for me?  Kind of…

We already had the tv but really wanted it to be integrated so that we didn’t have to see all the ugly cords when we walked in the room.  Bradley found a creative way to put the DVR in my office closet on the other side of the wall and pulled all the cords through the wall.  Super clean effect!  Thanks hubby!

Update:  We tried using two remote control extenders – one in the bedroom and one in the living room – and they ended up controlling each other because the rooms were not far enough apart.  Also, this extender can be a touch sluggish, and only remotes with the battery transmitter work with this extender.  This is what we ended up using in the living room and we are very happy with it.  All of our remotes work with this system as is.

So what did I come up with for him?  Well, we had to get rid of all of his coats now that he is 50 lbs lighter, so I found him a black leather Cole Haan coat with removable liner!  Cole Haan’s are his favorite shoes, so I figured he would appreciate that and he loves it!  Yea!


Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!



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