‘First Christmas’ Ornaments

I love meaningful Christmas ornaments, so I wanted to get ‘first Christmas’ ornaments for BIL and my best friend since they were both married this year.  Do you know how hard it is to find not-corny ornaments that celebrate being newly married?  Very hard I tell you!  But Etsy to the rescue once again!  (Have I mentioned how much I love the creativity of all the artists on Etsy?)

So I found these super cute bridal favor ornaments from The Garden Within that use blue beads and ribbon for the ‘something blue’ – how precious!  It has a little oval frame and a silver charm that hangs over it with 2009 engraved on it.  I removed the monogram letter from the frame and inserted a wedding picture of each of the couples to customize them a little more.  LOVE!  (and I think they liked the ornaments as well:)

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