Revisited Collage

Now that I have moved the elliptical machine out of the guest bedroom and centered up the bed, I moved my Expedit bookshelf to the opposite wall, which left my collage of frames dangling on an empty wall.  I took them down and patched the wall.  Slowly, I have been forming a new frame collage above the bookshelf in its new home.  This time I wanted to go for a more organic shape, because looking at the picture of it before gives me the heebie jeebies.  I think I like this arrangement much better.

This time, I also included the small Ikea picture ledge shelf with my Snow White figures that I collected as a child.  I am still working on what to put in the last few empty frames.  I am going for a monochromatic black and white feel and am trying to only use pictures and art that I really love and speak to me.  Hopefully, anyone (basically just my mom:) that stays the night will enjoy the items I have chosen.


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