Weekend Projects: Mulch and Annuals

The fantastic weather on Friday and Saturday had me wanting to tackle some yard work (even though I don’t really like working in the yard).  It has been such a gross winter and I was so happy for such a pretty start to spring.

Home Depot was having a BOGO sale on cypress mulch this weekend, so we took advantage of the great price and bought 40 bags.  I weeded the front shrubbery bed and hauled all of the pine straw from the bed back to the hill.  I planted a few annuals and mulched every bed except the one running down the left side of the house.

I also planted some new annuals in the small pot on our patio side table and another dwarf alberta spruce in the center of our second large planter on the patio.

Hopefully next weekend I can complete a couple other projects I started this weekend.

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