Weekend Projects: Closet Shelving Update

Not too much to share from the weekend.  I had to work on Friday, and Bradley was so wonderful to clean the whole house for me.  It is so peaceful to come home and not feel like anything needs to get done.  I did add one more track to the corner of his office closet to support the right sides of the shelves we had installed.  Now it is super sturdy!  Here it is now that he has finished putting everything back into the closet:

I was also seduced by a new-to-me plant next to the garden center entrance at Home Depot again (happens every year).  This is a False Spirea.  It is a part-sun perennial that grows to be about 20-24″T x 18″W.  I was envisioning them in front of the magnolia tree on the hill.  I thought the tree would shade them for most of the heat of the day, but to be safe, I only brought one home to begin with.  I watched the shade pattern all weekend and I think I was pretty spot-on.  It did not get any direct sun until the evening for a couple of hours.  I hope this works out because I’m going to plug in a few more now.

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