Around the Garden 2

Other blooms in our yard this year (you will see I am not good at identifying them:) :

Yellow Daylilies

I believe these are Salvia

I believe this is a Gerbera Daisy

Autumn Joy Sedum (I think)

‘Homestead Purple’ Verbena

In the courtyard I have a liatris (I think), dwarf gardenia, a blue mop-head hydrangea, some daylilies, a coral bell, and a hosta

The transplanted azaleas have really bushed out after being severely trimmed back

Here is what they looked like when we transplanted them last fall:

Here is my coral bark japanese maple that I put in this past fall

My blueberries and blackberries have gone from just sticks in the ground to little plants!

3 thoughts on “Around the Garden 2

    1. Leslie Post author

      Thanks Kasey! I am not much of a gardener, so I give most of the credit to the previous homeowners and my mom:)

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