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I finally feel like we are almost there in our yard.  I have moved plants and dug out plants and planted new plants every spring and fall since we moved in 3 years ago.  I have been trying to put like with like, put plants in the best places for their sun tolerance, and trying to uncrowd areas that had gotten out of control.

The Nester did a beautiful post about hydrangeas, so I thought I would share pictures of my bushes this year.  This first one is one we transplanted from the side of the house where it would never be seen to the right side of the hill last year.  I was delighted that it survived the move and even bloomed this year!

The other 3 I have were florist hydrangeas that Bradley brought home from the Easter services at church the past two years.  My mom wasn’t sure they would survive but they have all thrived and are also blooming this year.  They are the beautiful periwinkle blue that I love so much.

I also found a ton of little buds all over the dwarf gardenia that I planted last year:

The most surprising blooms I got this year actually happened inside!  Ever since we moved into a house with plenty of windows, my indoor plants have really done well.  Last summer we brought home two african violets from BIL’s wedding.  I figured I would be happy to just keep them alive, much less ever see them bloom.  My mom suggested I put them on the west side of the house for afternoon filtered light and she gave me food specifically for them.  Lo and behold, one of them bloomed! (And I think the other one has the beginnings of little blooms)

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