Truth in Nature

Bradley and I are so grateful for the opportunity to support a ministry that his cousin started last year.  Truth in Nature, founded by Jeffrey and Carrie Davis, seeks to “enhance life’s journey for single parent children, to learn God’s plan for their life through experiencing and learning the outdoors.”

It is unfortunate that people get disillusioned and think that they can only serve in established ministries through their churches.  Jeff and Carrie took their love of the outdoors – hunting, fishing, and camping – and have turned it into a real life way of nurturing children that might never have been reached by the traditional church.  It is a beautiful lesson in taking what God has placed in you and acting on it.  God has made everyone so beautifully different and we would be fools to think that one type of ministry would touch every different heart.

So thank you Jeffrey and Carrie for your real life examples of God’s love!

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