Weekend Project: Garage Door Opener

I haven’t had many projects going on lately that were worth mentioning because we have been gone quite a bit and I am trying to watch my pennies on household stuff.  But this weekend Bradley and I were fed up with our garage door opener.  This is the first place I have ever lived that had a garage door, so I am unsure what is acceptable behavior.  But he assured me that you should not have to stand at the control for 10 minutes and continuously push the button as the door goes down by 2 inch increments.  There was nothing blocking the sensors.  It was like the door was just dying on its way down.

We ventured into Home Depot, somewhere I feel I haven’t been in ages, and sized up the seven different models they had.  We decided to upgrade from a screw-driven opener to a belt-driven one.  And now instead of just one car remote like we had before, we have two car remotes and an outdoor keypad.  Now when it rains, Bradley can just duck right into the garage instead of fumbling at the front door to get in.

He put the new opener up all by himself (such a handyman), with a little help reading directions and handing tools from yours truly.  He also lubricated the door using a kit we also picked up at Home Depot.  The door is SO much more quiet- I still turn to look and see if the door is actually going down!

We were also able to freecycle the old opener with disclaimers about the annoying behavior.  I figured someone handy that doesn’t have one at all might get the old one going good-as-new.

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