Decorating For Fall

I consider September 1 fall enough to break out my fun decor without feeling too badly.  I found an orange tablecloth this year after looking high and low for one last year.  I tri-folded it lengthwise to use it under the chocolate beaded runner I have to give the dining tablescape a little contrast.  I changed out the blue napkins for a more neutral tan.  Also, I used some coffee beans as filler in the large hurricane for the center of the table.  I think I like it…

In the foyer, I pulled out the burlap I had purchased last year for the little table.  I also changed out the glass candlestick holders for some brass ones I painted black last year.  The candlesticks went from blue to a pretty eggplant color.  I also used some glass cylinders to display some fall colored bean balls and wheat.  Very autumn.

I am holding off on any pumpkins or gourds until October hits.  I just wanted to change the feel of our house a little – give it a warmer and cozier feeling as we wait anxiously for a little cooler weather to move in.

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