Spider Lily

Last weekend as I was working on planting my new Golden Nugget Dwarf Japanese Barbaries, I found a funny little stem sticking out of the grass near the storage building.  It had tiny red buds on the crown, but no leaves.  I left it alone intending to come back to it later.  This weekend while prepping to plant a few more dwarf shrubs, I see that the most interesting blooms have developed on this little leafless stem!

I sent this picture to my mom and she said that it is a Spider Lily.  She remembers seeing them in her grandfather’s yard when she was young.  She also said that it will multiply to create a colony, so if I don’t like the location (which I don’t because Bradley will end up mowing over it), I can move it once the blooms dies back.  So interesting that I am still finding new things after being here for three years.

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