Weekend Project: Dwarf Shrubbery

I used this weekend to get a few more small shrubs in the ground.  The helpful employees at Pike’s introduced me to the Firepower Heavenly Bamboo, a 30-inch type of Nandina.  (If I had known about these last weekend, I would have chosen them over the Barberry since they were $5 cheaper)

There is a small shallow bed running along the fence in our courtyard that has always been empty.  It gets full sun from mid morning until early evening, so I knew it needed a hearty shrub, but something that would stay smallish and not encroach on the walkway.  I think these will do nicely.

I also have two of the Nandinas to plant around our mailbox.  I ran out of steam this morning, so I will probably get them in the ground next weekend.  When we first moved in, I foolishly planted dwarf gardenias there and they died in no time.  Since then, I have only managed to put a type of ground cover in the small bed, but it just looks like weeds and falls very flat in my opinion.

Annoyingly, the mailbox is off-center, with only about 8-10″ on one side and about 34″ on the other.  The Pike’s employee assured me that the Nandinas grow together to fill in space instead of mounding individually, so I am hoping that will solve the problem I have had with getting an even feel.

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