I have been wanting a large cloche for over a year now, not for any specific design plan, but just because I think they are pretty.  But if you have seen them in any high-end stores or boutiques, they range from $60-$100.  I don’t want one that much.  Some people have made small, cheap knock-offs using cheese domes from Goodwill, but if I couldn’t get a large cloche, I didn’t want a cloche at all.  Well, during my on-going search for an in-drawer knife tray, I ducked into the consignment shop next to one of my favorite Goodwills today.  I was walking around and came across this:

(I put my water bottle next to it to give a size reference.)

I was on it in a hot second, but convincing myself that it was probably still $30+, still more than I would want to pay.  To my surprise it was only $14.99!  It must have just been set out, because I couldn’t believe it wasn’t already snagged up for that price.  I quickly took it to the register before anyone could wrestle me to the floor for it.  (If you follow thrifty design blogs like I do, you know this is a huge score and good reason to be worried about being tackled.  Cloches are HUGE right now, so I can’t imagine why someone was consigning one like this.)  Since I never really expected to find one of this size in my price range, I haven’t put a lot of thought into how I would use it, but now I will just have to start brainstorming:)

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    1. Leslie Post author

      It is called Revive. It is on Hwy 92 right next to 575 (in the same shopping center with Goodwill) If timing ever works out we should make a thrifty date to go together! I’ve only been there a couple of times, they have a ton of selection, but I didn’t remember them having SUCH good prices. I guess I will be adding it to my weekly Goodwill rounds:)

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