Painting Cabinets

No turning back now!  Bye bye Honey Oak.  I am starting the daunting task of painting our kitchen cabinets this weekend:

On the recommendation of a blog I read recently, I am using Sherwin Williams Adhesion Primer and ProClassic Smooth Enamel Finish.   I really did not want to get into oil-based paint – I’ve never tried using it and the clean up is a little daunting to me.  The primer and paint I am using are both latex.  I went ahead and lightly sanded the cabinets even though it is evidently not required when using this primer.  The paint finish supposedly dries very hard for a tough finish like what you would get with an oil-based paint.  Also, the paint is supposed to level out as it dries to minimize brush strokes or roller marks.  To get into the crevices of the doors, I love using this short-handled brush.  To get a smooth finish on the flat surfaces of the cabinets (and furniture also), I like to use small foam rollers.

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