Weekend Projects: Roman Shades and Key Hooks

Yesterday’s post was getting wordy, so I thought I would detail the rest of my weekend projects today.

The first was re-installing one of Bradley’s closet shelves that was pulling away from the wall.  Hopefully, it will stay put for many years to come.  I can just imagine being scared to death in the middle of the night by an avalanche of shirts coming down in our closet.

On a more fun note, I decided to switch out the curtains in our bathroom and closet for a matching set of roman shades.  The swag curtain over the toilet was a left-over from my college days that I no longer liked, and the closet curtain was a cheap fix from Ross that I didn’t love either.  The closet window gets full afternoon sun, so the room is like a sauna in the summer.  The new shades have thermal backing so we can lower them to keep out the heat (or the cold in the winter).

My last project was a new landing strip for Bradley.  Since he got his own garage door opener, he comes in the house that way instead of the front door so now the tray on the foyer table is not the most convenient spot for his keys and other items.  I have been on a search for a small shelf of some sort that wouldn’t be in the way on the wall next to the garage door to replace the key hook I was using.  I found this little holder at Goodwill and it seemed like a perfect fit.  Not the most beautiful thing, but with a coat of the wall color, I am hoping it will somewhat blend in an not be very noticeable.  I put a few hooks under it for our keys.  Function over form this time.

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