Fall Decor

My mom called me today to tell me that she and my dad had dropped off a gift for me at my house.  (She had given me a heads up last week that my dad had bought me something and he would get his feelings hurt if I didn’t keep it out)  Uh oh.  I was imagining the most awful things possible.

But when I saw what was sitting on my dining table, I smiled immediately.  My mom had a pair of brass quails in the living room when I was growing up, and I had asked her if they had come across them while they were recently cleaning out their attic.  I thought they would be perfect additions to my fall decor.  She said they hadn’t and that I must have sold them at a yard sale (the rare down-side to my decluttering obsession).

After that, I moved on, but my wonderful parents did not forget about my desire.  Mom came across a pair on ebay and had my dad bid on them for me.  Here they are living it up on our foyer table with the fantastic cloche I found recently.

The tray was a Goodwill find a long while back (I have a matching one slightly bigger as well).  I had thought about refinishing them, but now I’m glad I never got around to it.  I like the fall-rustic feel of the burlap, brass, wheat and wood with iron hardware.

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