Final Kitchen Pictures

Now that I have had a chance to put everything away and clean the counters, I have my (almost) final kitchen pictures!  I say almost because I still haven’t done anything about the wires hanging above the sink window and because Bradley will be buying and installing a new faucet for me as an anniversary gift:)  (He is trying to speak my ‘service’ love language with my gift and I am all over it!)  Here is what I have decided on after a little research:

Delta Leland One Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with magnetic dock and soap dispenser

Just a reminder of what the kitchen looked like before:

And now my newly-painted cabinets with new brushed nickel hardware:

To see more about the process and progress posts, click here, here, and here.

A close-up of the new hardware:

The new tip-out trays under the sink:

The story behind the new hardware and tip-out trays can be found here.

Update:  Click to see the faucet install and the light installs!

Update July 2012:
I am still really pleased with the finish I received by using Sherwin Williams Adhesion Primer and ProClassic Latex Enamel.  All of the cabinet, door, and drawer finishes have held up really well.  I never applied a clear coat finish, because we kind of liked the matte finish.  I am able to easily wipe them clean.  At times I have to lightly scrub spots of dried splatters from inevitable kitchen messes and at first I was a little worried about it pulling off some paint, but that has never happened.  The paint really did dry hard.  I would definitely recommend these paints for this type of application.

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