Christmas Card Display

Years ago, I bought a metal Christmas card holder at Hallmark, but every year we have the fortunate problem of receiving more cards than it can hold.  I have been trying to brainstorm a solution for a few years and recently tried to explain what was in my head to Bradley.  He said ‘Hold on’ and ran upstairs.  He came back with a bag containing heavy wire cable and clips.  I totally didn’t remember us buying these, but vaguely remember an idea we hatched in the apartment to hang art on the wall above our couch.  It was supposed to function similarly to this:

(BTW, these lime green cords from CB2 would work really well at Christmas and I am sure wouldn’t be that awfully expensive to use if you didn’t want to DIY it.)  An industrial look for casually hanging pictures/art/etc. to cover a large expanse of wall.  Perfect!

I used four pieces of the pre-cut cable and secured the loops at the top.  I hung them from picture hooks that I installed directly below the moulding that runs around the top of the dining room.  To make the cables hang straight, I attached a heavy beaded snowflake ornament to the bottom of each one.  Bradley suggested alligator clamps (like the ones used to attach the bib around your neck at the dentist’s office) to hold the cards to the cable.  A quick search landed me at Radio Shack where they sell these type of mini clips in sets of 12.

It works perfectly, and now we will be able to see all our cards throughout the season.  And it fills up a large wall in the dining room, adding a little Christmas cheer since we are no longer putting the tree in there.  Win-win.

I am linking to the Christmas Craft Party at Centsational Girl.

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