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I have the MOST wonderful husband ever!  I came home to find that when Bradley ‘left’ for work this morning, he actually just went to Starbucks until I left to throw me off his sneaky plan.  He spent the whole day doing things around the house for me.  He vacuumed and made the bed.  He bought and programmed a GPS for my new car (including working for an hour on and subsequently returning one that was defective).  He also installed a light over the kitchen sink that I had ordered.  My kitchen cabinet reveal shows how it has been for a couple of months now.



It’s not the perfect light, but I searched high and low to find something that could tuck in behind the curtain or curve up and out above the curtain.  Everything else I found either wouldn’t curve out enough to clear the curtain or was too wide.  It provides a nice, soft ambient light and there are no more hanging wires, so I will claim success.

He also installed my birthday present – wall lamps for our bedroom.  I fell in love with this arched lamp from Pottery Barn, but couldn’t justify spending the money when we had bedside lamps.  They came with Bradley when we got married.  They were not at all our style and I disliked them, but he had sentimental attachment to them and still liked them.  So I left it alone.


They dominated the bedside tables.  They look like Greek columns.  They have a cream and gold crackle/textured finish.  Nothing even remotely like the rest of our house.  But now it looks like this:

I LOVE them!  And I love that the beside tables can be completely cleared off when the decluttering bug bites me.

How sneaky is he!  Even if he wasn’t able to hide his purchase of my birthday gift from me, he was able to install them by surprise.  He is my favorite and definitely a keeper;)

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