Baby Shower Planning

My cousin is having the first great-grandchild on my dad’s side in March.  My mom and I will be hosting a baby shower for her at the end of February.  I have only been to a few baby showers, and this will be the first one I have played host to.  She is having a little boy, so I have been gathering inexpensive, creative ideas using my Pinterest account.  (Thank you Rebecca at The Stanley Clan for sharing about this wonderful site!)

I absolutely love using this site.  It works so much better than bookmarking for me.  I love being able to ‘pin’ a picture to my board from any website, give it any description I like, and with one click, I can return to the origin website for reference later on.  The other boards on Pinterest are chock full of great inspiration too, and I can ‘repin’ ideas from other boards onto my own.  Never again will I see a picture I’ve saved and curse myself for not knowing where it came from.

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Planning

    1. Leslie

      So fun, I tried to look your board up again once I was accepted, and didn’t find you. Now I can follow you back:) (I was so pumped the first time someone re-pinned me, liked one of my pins and followed one of my boards…ahh, validation:)

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