Elfa Drawers

I have always kept my sweaters in a hanging canvas storage organizer that was droopy and hard to keep up.  I started to research options for drawers that could be hung, since we have a very generous closet.  Rubbermaid and Closetmaid both have options, but the reviews were less than exciting.  Then I came across the Elfa system from The Container Store.  Everyone seems to love Elfa.  And they should for the price!

This is just after our closet remodel a couple of years ago:

It just so happens that The Container Store was having their annual Elfa sale and everything was 30% off.  Better that than nothing, so I allotted some of our Christmas money to buy the track, rails and hardware for two drawers.

Here it is now, with plenty of room to add more drawers once I get some more ‘free’ funds:)

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