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Besides finding a new ‘cloche’ over the weekend, I also brought home a couple of new house plants.  Some of my plants have not done well over the winter.

I read an article recently about Peace Lilies that made me really want one.  I don’t remember what the article said to make me want one, but whatever:)  I bought a large one to fill the corner of the living room where the air return vent and sub-woofer thing is to hide them.  I like how full it is compared to the palm that I had there before.  (I combined the two palms we had into one pot and it lives in our bedroom now.)

I also bought a plant to try out in the beautiful African Violet pot that my sweet friend Tara gave me at Christmas:

I already have two violets from BIL’s wedding, and I decided not to get one for this pot because I found that it fit really nicely under my large cloche in the foyer.  Since violets grow wide and not tall, I added height with this little feathery fern-type plant:

And here it is in the foyer:

9 thoughts on “House Plants

  1. Jen

    I somehow stumbled across your blog surfing other home decor blogs and I have to tell you I LOVE your dark rich wall colors, especially in your living room, would you care to share the colors/brand? Thanks so much:) -Jen

    1. Leslie Post author

      Thanks Jen! When we first moved in, I had an inspiration photo with Hoot Owl by Kilz. I looked for a similar version at HD and settled on Corral Fence by Glidden (00YY-17/130 – the can label is a little faded, but I’m pretty sure that is the code).

      It has been such a hit, 9 times out of 10, it is the first compliment I receive when someone visits us.

      I don’t know if it shows in the pictures, but both the dining room (west-facing) and living room (east-facing) are this color. Hope that helps!

    1. Leslie Post author

      Hi Ceve! The tag that came with the plant says Asaragus Plummosus. I see them pretty often in the houseplants section at home improvement stores. Interestingly, since this post, it dried up, turned brown and dropped all if its fronds(?), but I have a hard time giving up on houseplants until there is nothing left. It completely rebounded sitting it my kitchen window (morning sun) and it looks great again, Seems pretty resilient!


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