Living Room

Bradley mounted the living room television over the weekend, and I am just getting around to taking pictures.  When we got married, he brought with him a large projection tv.  We were able to ‘custom build’ around it using two bookcases and a shelf suspended between the two.  When we inherited a couch and loveseat from his parents, I shuffled things around to accomadate them the best I could.  As a result, we invested in a flat panel tv, which has been sitting on top of the buffet-turned-media cabinet.  A small portion of our Christmas money was used to buy a mount for it.

The old set up with projection tv and ‘built-in’

New set up with new-to-us couch and loveseat

Now with the television mounted on the wall.

We were able to reclaim some table top space on the buffet now that the television is up off of it.

Wondering where our components are?  Bradley is super genius with all things technology.  Here they are, and no, we don’t have to keep the cabinet doors open, check this out.  See our receiver right there in the top right corner?  You didn’t notice it in the pictures above did you?  And that’s the point!  That little receiver takes the signal from the remote and relays it to the components.  So smart!  We also used something similar in our bedroom so that the components could live in the guest room closet that is located directly behind the tv wall.

We removed the back of the cabinet because the dvd player is deeper than the cabinet, but unless you contort yourself around the side of the cabinet, you can’t see that anything is out of the ordinary.  I attached our plant spot lights behind the cabinet to shine up on the wall around the tv, because Bradley likes them when we have all the other lights turned off while watching tv.  And yes, we have LOTS of cords, and no, I don’t do anything to try and hide them:)

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