Radon Testing

My favorite blog, Young House Love, recently highlighted an issue that I had not given much thought.  Radon.  Evidently, It is the second leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoking.  YHL had their new home tested before buying it and when the levels came back high, the sellers agreed to remediate for them.  From their post, I linked over to the EPA’s website and found that it is pretty easy to find an inexpensive test from local resources.  Eventually, I was able to find a program through the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!!) from which I ordered a test kit for only $6.50.  The price includes the kit and the testing once you have returned the kit.

I hung the kit in our dining room, since we don’t have a basement.  It is not to be hung in the kitchen.  Hopefully, I am doing everything correctly.  It comes down later today, and I will get it in the mail tomorrow.  The results will be posted online and I will use our individual kit number to access the results.  (Fingers crossed!)

January is National Radon Action Month!

Update:  I got the results back from our test = 0.8 pCI/L.  They recommend remediation if the level is higher than 4, so we are looking good!

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