Snow 2011

In Georgia, this is rare.  The whole metro area is completely shut down.  We are not equipped for severe winter weather – really though, why should we be?  It is such a remote happening, why throw money at something that might happen, when there are other much more valid things that can utilize state resources?

I am not a big snow person.  I didn’t enjoy the slopes on youth snow-skiing trips, just the extra chance for socializing.  Bring on the 65-75 degree weather and I am a happy clam.

We got about 5″ at our house.  It was almost immediately encased in crusty ice.  We got out and brushed the snow off Bradley’s truck windows before it had a chance to freeze over and become a pita to scrape off.  Looking down our street:

The poor mourning doves don’t perch in trees like other birds, and since there was no clear ground for them, they huddled en masse along our fence.

I scrapped the snow off the flat feeder for the birds and put out an extra batch for them.  There were a lot of Juncos out, which are ground feeders, so I scattered a few handfulls across the crusted-over snow.  It was fun to watch them and the Song Sparrows slide around chasing seeds.  In addition, we had quite a few Cardinals, Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, House Finches, and Blue Jays.  They are so much fun to watch on a solid white backdrop.

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