New Lighting

Bradley and I have stopped trying to go out for Valentine’s day each year.  It is so expensive and crazy.  But he is always good to bring me flowers and this year he put a lot of thought into a gift.  He found a tour of homes/gardens in Charleston that he knew I would love.  I am so excited by his thoughtfulness, but because we have a trip to Yosemite planned for the summer, I asked if we could hold off until next year.  Instead, I told him I would be thrilled to have him install some new lights for me.


I have recently found a brushed nickel chandelier and vanity fixture and a chrome vanity fixture at Goodwill.  I sprayed the chrome light with a brushed nickel paint.  It was an inexpensive way to change out some of the original fixtures that I have never liked in our house.  The dining room chandelier was a downward facing gold light that had been painted a hammered black.  The glass globes were etched with flowers.  The powder room light was a cheap chrome fixture with flower-etched glass shades as well.  The guest bathroom  still had a shiny chrome hollywood strip light:(


The Powder Room is so hard to photograph!

The new fixtures may not be ideal, but they are 100% better than their predecessors.  I have purchased some shades at Goodwill for the new chandelier, but I need my mom’s help recovering them with some clearance fabric I snagged at JoAnn’s.

For Bradley, I decided to sign us up for Arrington Vineyard‘s Wine Club.  We  will receive two bottles of their wine each quarter for a year.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband!  You are truly my better half!

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