Baby Shower Gift

I am like a grandmother – I don’t know what a new mom will want, so I usually buy a gift card, but I want them to have something to open, so I buy a little something and wrap it up.  I have a problem:)

I had asked my cousin if she was using a theme in the nursery and she said Winnie the Pooh.  Well, I didn’t want to go crazy with that because lord knows every little thing that could ever be made into Winnie the Pooh has been made.  But I did happen upon one of these little beauties at Goodwill: 

It is a polished pewter bank with gold bees and honey on it.  I loved it!  And I loved that it wasn’t branded Pooh, but would be a cute nod to the theme.  I did some research online using the stamp on the bottom of the piece: Salisbury Pewter.  What I found blew me away.  It is hand-crafted in Maryland.  It is made of hand-buffed pewter and the bees and honey around the coin slot are gold plated.  And it retails for over ten times more than what I paid for it!

I made a little notecard with all the details and cleaning recommendations since it was obviously missing the original packaging.  I hope she and the new little one enjoy it!

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