Snips and Snails Baby Shower

As I mentioned a month ago, my mom and I hosted a baby shower for the first great-grandchild on my dad’s side.  My cousin will be having a baby boy in about a month.  We held the shower at my mom’s house.  It was a small gathering, so I decided to forgo the games.  We ate, chatted and watched the expectant mom open all of the wonderful gifts.

I had to pull chairs from every room in my mom’s house to create an intimate setting (her house is sparsely furnished to say the least).  I also pulled lamps from every room, and even brought two of my own (8 total) to make sure the normally dark room was well lit.  I kept the decorations inexpensive by making tissue paper pom-poms in light blue.  I also made a decoration/gift: my first attempt at a diaper cake.  Go here for my tutorial.

For food, I knew we didn’t need a lot for so few people.  I found this recipe for some yummy sandwiches.  I made my stand-by oreo truffles, only this time I dipped them in white chocolate.  Find that recipe here.  Because it is winter, I settled on hot coffee and spiced tea (I used the recipe from Comment #7) instead of a traditional punch.  (Turns out that we are in the 70s in GA right now, oops:)  My mom put together a fruit platter as well as cheese straws that were a hit.  I tried to take the presentation to the next level, literally.  As I searched for shower inspiration, the pictures that drew me in over and over were those with layered looks.  Having the food at varying heights seemed so much more inviting than just a bunch of plates scattered across the surface.

I think everyone had a very enjoyable time.  I enjoyed how laid-back it was and of course the planning.

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