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Over the past few weeks, I have been making use of a Tae Bo workout video in our living room.  And every day as I struggled to move the coffee table we received as a wedding gift, I have gained motivation to find something new to take it’s place.  Being a piece from Target, it isn’t too surprising that the legs separate from the lower shelf slightly every time I moved it.  But it is surprising how heavy the piece is.  It also seemed a little on the small side with the hand-me-down couches, not to mention it is really tall for a coffee table!

I used an RSS feed to search for ottomans on Craigslist daily.  It seemed like a good idea to go ahead and combine the coffee table and Bradley’s love of putting his feet up into one piece.  I finally found a large square chocolate ottoman and we brought it home for a measly $45.

I love the scale of the new ottoman in the room, and I love how easy it is to move!  It works great for us, since we weren’t using all the drawer space in our coffee/end tables anyway, and I didn’t like to keep much on the coffee table anyway.  The green tray is living it up on the new ottoman, so I still have a little space to keep the remotes and my bird book out.

On a side note, you may notice that I moved the paper floor lamp to the corner behind the peace lily.  That is because I added the floor lamp from our master bedroom to this room.  I will share what I did in the master bedroom corner to not only still have light, but also add a little bling really soon.

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