We have been back from our California visit for a couple of weeks and I should post some pictures from the trip.  We,  along with six other family members including my parents, visited my sister and her husband.  We also met up with my cousin and her family on the second half of our trip at Yosemite!

During our San Francisco visit, we spent a little time at Pier 39 (still not a lot of sea lions this time either).  One day was spent strolling around the San Francisco botanical gardens – lots of interesting plants I have never seen and a fun hummingbird encounter!  We also spent a day in Napa since we toured Sonoma on our last visit.  We were able to get into the tour at the Hendry Vineyard, which is a 2.5 hour tour and tasting.  It was very interesting and more involved than any of the other wineries we have been to.

Pier 39

Botanical Gardens


Cakebread Winery

Hendry Ranch Wines


There were fourteen of us at Yosemite.  I really enjoyed having other people to explore with, but we could also do our own thing if we wanted.  We stayed in Curry Village, which has permanent tents on wooden floors with beds and screen doors.  That is my limit when it comes to ‘camping’.  The waterfalls were SO beautiful.  Evidently, there is record snowmelt this year, so what was a trickle the last time my parents visited is now this:
Lower Yosemite Falls

 Half Dome

 Yosemite Falls

 Curry Village

On the way to Tuolumne Meadow

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