Master Bedroom Accents

I have never been able to get a handle on the finishing touches in our master bedroom.  It has always just been a lot of shades of brown.  At one point, I thought red would be a fun accent color, so I found candles, decorative sticks, and fabric with red in it to reupholster the thrifted chair in the room.

It felt flat and uninviting.  I have since come to the conclusion that no matter how much I love warm colors in fall decor, they aren’t year-round staples for me.  I have lots of chocolates in our house, but the accents always tend towards green and blue.  So a new plan for deep turquoise accents developed.  The inspiration color came from a velvet that I commonly see used in clothing, sometimes on chairs.

Here are some of the inspiration pictures I have pinned:

Finding affordable pieces in this color family is not simple, so I first looked for craft paint and spray paint, but everything was either too green, too blue, or too light.  Until I went to Hobby Lobby and found Rustoleum American Accents in Lagoon.  I would never have purchased it online, because on my screen it looks too green.  But in person, it is close to perfect!

I got a little spray happy and went to town on a mirror frame, a small metal frame, some metal votive holders, and the previously red decorative sticks.  It is the hue I wanted, but maybe a little lighter than would be ideal (and the pictures make it look a touch blue and even lighter).

Other additions include an old book that couldn’t be more perfect – turquoise cover and it is titled ‘About Mrs. Leslie’! (Plus it was the color of the week at Goodwill, so it was half off:)

Another goodwill find was a pair of metal cylinders with a quatrefoil pattern.  It was easy enough to unfold them and place them in the Ikea frames that have sat empty for years now.  I painted the frame-backs with the Lagoon paint to make the quatrefoil pattern pop.

Someday, I hope to find a fun fabric with the perfect shade of turquoise to make a long throw pillow for the bed.  And if money were no object, I would love to have one of these chairs in the bedroom:

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