Patio Gazebo

A few weeks ago, Bradley and I were at Home Depot and noticed the section of patio items on clearance.  We found a 10’x10′ gazebo for only $79 and decided to go for it.  We are hoping it will give us more shaded hours in our patio chairs once the temperatures cool off a little.

We have always wanted a pergola for the patio that could provide some shade, but also some visual interest to the drab facade on the back of our house.  Here are a few of the inspirational pictures I had collected:

This one is almost exactly what I have in my head – the back facade of this house is almost identical to ours, including the window and door placement.

The last two pictures put anything we would have done to shame, but managed expectations are best for being content.  Bradley put the gazebo together while I was at work last Friday, and so far I am really pleased with it, especially for the price.  We still need to anchor it to the patio, and it remains to be seen how long it stands up to the elements.  I can’t wait for fall to really take advantage of the patio!

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