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Anyone who frequents thrift shops and Goodwills knows that they can be hit or miss.  I like to visit them during my lunch hour and usually only leave with something in hand 20 percent of the time.  I thought I would share a couple of my better finds that I haven’t mentioned yet, since I just scored big again today!

After just blogging about my trio of blue Bell jars, guess what I found at one of my favorite Goodwills?  Five (yes five!) blue Ball Jars, all but one with lids!  And they were only $0.99 each!  Theses jars aren’t exorbitant at the antique shops, but from what I’ve seen will usually go anywhere from $9 up to $20.  I was so excited that I scooped them up and went straight to the register.  You can guess what will be incorporated in the next baby shower I plan:


Another great find was a super-heavy crystal cake stand with dome.  I mentioned it in the post about staging the dining room bookcases.  At 18″ tall, I can only fit the stand on the shelf.  After a little research, I learned that it is the Shannon by Godinger “Olympia” Domed Cake Plate.  Evidently, it’s regular retail price at Dillard’s in 2009 was $139, but I scored it for a measly $16.


A while back, I blogged about using old cameras to decorate Bradley’s office.  I showed my inspirations here.  It is still very sparse, but here is what I have so far in the expedit shelf that used to be in the guest bedroom.  All of the cameras except one of the 8mm (which was a gift from Brian and Bethany last Christmas) came from Goodwill.  Unlike the Ball jars, GW always prices old cameras more competitively.  They specially price them and put them in the glass jewelry cases.  I think I got these cameras for anywhere from $8 to $30 each.  But compared to buying them from antique shops, that is still a phenomenal deal!  Obviously, we could stand to do a little cord management:

Bradley also decided to display his first generation iPod and iPhone.  They are already becoming vintage:)  Also, we have rearranged his office again.  With the closet sticking out from one wall and a notch coming out from the corner next to the window, it makes it hard to arrange his furniture and still be able to move around and open doors.

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