Guest Bedroom Mirror

Our guest bedroom is now very symmetrical, except for the fact that the only window in the room is in one corner above one of the bedside dressers. The light in the room is very lopsided:

I’ve had my eye out for an interesting mirror to put over the left bedside dresser.  I knew of course that it wouldn’t be as big as the window I was trying to balance, but anything to help bounce the light around the darker side of the room.  I found a brass-framed eight-sided mirror at a thrift store near work and thought it would work well.  I brought it home and primed and spray-painted it glossy white.

For what it cost, I think I really like it in the room.  It is dwarfed when compared to the window and the size of the dressers, but the nice thing is that it does not crowd the frame collage I have over the bed.  I think it serves it’s purpose well:

I have no idea what to do with the wall to the left.  It is completely blank and looks so desserted.  But I don’t want things to get too busy in the room since there is so much going on along the bed wall.  A window might be great on that wall, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

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