Halloween 2011

We were fortunate enough to receive an invite to the infamous Wiggleston Halloween shindig this year.  Miranda does an amazing job picking a theme and running with it every year.  This year was all about pirates.  Pirates of the Carribean was playing, there was a huge sails with a lightning storm projected on it, skeletons, a treasure hunt and boat races in the basement, complete with a motorized shark balloon.  I put together our costumes using all items from Goodwill (except the Jack Sparrow boot covers Bradley wore that came from an online costume site).  We had a blast and I can’t wait to see what next year holds.

On the hunt for treasure.  Photo op with the Captain:

I volunteered to bring a sweet snack and a drink.  After seeing this pin of cute little boat caramel pies, I was inspired to try my buttermilk pie recipe in mini form:

I found a football mold pan on Amazon that worked perfectly to shape the boats.  Then I used lollipop sticks and the free printable from this site for the sails.  I tried my hand at this butterbeer recipe that I found through Pinterest.  It was good, but trying to serve it cold was a little unfortunate, because the butter separated and hardened again once it was cold.

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